Wednesday, 31 October 2012

How to Solve MS Word Error Message "This file is read only"?

There are many MS Word user who receive the error message "This file is read-only" when they try to save (after editing) the MS Word document. The reason behind this error message is very simple but still there are many users who do not understand it. Let me explain you why this error message appears.

MS word has a file security attribute (called "Read only") which can prevent unauthorized users from editing or making any changes in word file. This feature is used by the file owner to make sure that readers of a (common ) file can not edit the file. When you open a "Read only" password protected file then MS word shows you a message box informing that the file is made read only by owner and you need password to modify it. If you want to make changes in it then you need password to edit it (but it can be opened in read only mode without password). If you have access to password then you can follow the steps given below to free word document from read only password protection.

1. Open the Document in MS Word.

2. If it asks for password then open it in read only mode.

3. Click Tools on Navigation bar

4. Select "Unprotect".

5. If it asks for password then enter the password in the dialog box and click "OK".

Now your Word document is free for editing.

If you are using MS Word 2003 or XP then you can follow the given below steps to remove "Read only" password (without using original password).

1. Open the Word Document.

2. Press alt+shift+F11 to view the document in HTML mode.

3. Press ctrl+F to find the following HTML code:



4. Delete both of these lines and save the word document.

5. Close the HTML editor.

Now you can open word document without any password.

Here it is important to note that the above mentioned steps can be used only for removal of "Read only" password. If your document is protected with "Password to open" security then you are completely locked out of the document. In such situation you can use Word password recovery software to unlock word document. These software can easily remove all type of password protection enabled to word document.

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