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How to Enable User Account Password in Windows?

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Setting User Account Password in Windows
There are many users who do not set password on their windows user account for login. Some of the user may find it very difficult to setup password on their windows user account while other users think it is time consuming process for them to enter password every time to do login on system. In either of the cases such user forget that they have stored all of their important data ( it may be office documents, pictures, videos, mails and many other private files) in their PC which can be accessed (and may be misused) by anyone if it does not require any login password. So if you want the information stored in your PC to be safe, you should set a password on your PC.

It is really very simple to set password on Windows systems. You can follow the steps given below to set password on your Windows user account.

Windows XP

1. Go to Start > Control Panel.

2. Click on the User Accounts option.

3. Click on your Windows XP user name.

4. Click to create password option.

5. Enter your desired password in both boxes and click create password button.

6. After this you will be asked "Do you want to make your files and folders private?". If some other person's account is also setup on your PC then you can click "Yes" button to make sure that your files and folders are not accessible to other users. If you are the only user on that PC then you can simply click "No" button.

7. Now your windows XP account is password enabled.

Windows Vista / Windows 7

1. Go to Start --> Control Panel.

2. Click "User Accounts and Family Safety".

3. Click “User Accounts” Option.

4. You will be presented with "Make changes to your user account area of the User Accounts" window, click the "Create a password for your account".

5. Enter your desired password in the two text boxes.

6. Click the "Create Password" button (to confirm your new password).

7. Now your windows vista account is password enabled.

One important thing need to be noted here is that you should follow some smart password setting tips so that you do not get into trouble of losing/forgetting your password. Smart password setting tips allow you to choose very strong (and complex) but easy to remember password. In case you forget the password and unable to recall it then you don’t have to worry too much. You just have to try some third party Windows passwordrecovery tools which can help you to recover your password easily. It is available on affordable price. I think it is worth to spend some extra money to recover your password so that you can access your window as earlier without any hassle.

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