Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Important Key Points before Choosing Your Password

How to set strong password
Every PC user wants to have security and privacy of their data stored in the PC. So it is very common for everyone to have a password on their PC whether it is password placed on windows user account or at some specific file and folder.

It is fact that every user wants to keep very strong password which no one can break or think of it. But in reality that strong password became problem for the same user once they forgot it.
No doubts that user can set very strong password to their account but many times user choose very complex password in order to increase password strength. For such user it may become very difficult to remember these complex passwords (especially if they have set such password on some other accounts/ files also). As a result of this user forget their password and face difficulty in reaching their password protected data.

So it is very important to choose your password so that on the one side it is very difficult (or impossible) for others to guess it and on the other side it is very easy for you to remember it.

Here I am sharing some important key points before you choose Window Password:

  1. Make sure that your password is at least 8 characters long (and can be set to max of 12 characters long so that you can easily remember it).
  2. Try to include all type of characters in your password: a -z, A-Z, 0-9 and special characters.
  3. You should avoid using very common passwords like 123456, abcabc, your phone numbers, date of birth, family member name etc. Also avoid using your punch lines / phrase (which you repeat many times a day with friends) as it is very easy to guess.
  4. You can define your own rules / variations in password like: using @ instead of a, using $ in place of s, using! In place of i, using 0 in place of o etc.
  5. If you want to use same password for different mail account or files then you can append site name or file name (may be first 2 letters) with the common password.
  6. You should change your password at least after every two months. While changing your password you can interchange the position of few digits so that you can easily remember the change.

I hope that the above mentioned tips will be very helpful for users who want to have complex as well as easy to remember password.

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