Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Steps to Create Windows 7 and Vista Password Reset Disk

Almost every PC user enables login password to prevent unauthorized access to his computer system. Login password makes user to feel relaxed and comfortable because now his PC (and hence data) is safe from unauthorized access. It is common human nature to forget things so many times login password also becomes a headache for the user when he forget it. User can easily avoid this problem but they need to do some preparation for it. This preparation includes the creation of Windows Password Reset Disk.

Windows 7 and Windows Vista have built-in features which allow you to create password reset disk. This disk can be used to reset your windows password when you forget it. Password reset disk can be created on any removable media like USB, CD/DVD and floppy disk.

You can follow the below given steps to create Windows Password Reset Disk.

  1. Insert removable media into PC.
  1. Go to 'Start' - > 'Control Panel'
  1. In control panel window Click 'User Account s and Family Safety' ->'User Accounts'
  1. In User Accounts window click ‘Create a password reset disk’.

  1. You will see ‘Forgotten Password Wizard’ window. Click ‘Next’.

  1. You will see a window asking you about drive in which you want to create password reset disk. Select appropriate drive and click ‘Next’.

  1. Next you will see a window asking for ‘Current user account password’. Enter the password and click ‘Next

  1. A dialog box will show the status of the process. Click ‘Next’ when it is 100%.

  1. You will see window confirming the Successful Completion of Forgotten password wizard. Click ‘Finish’.
Your password reset disk has created and you can store it at a safe place.

How to Reset Windows Login Password Using Password Reset Disk?

If you have password reset disk then it is very easy to reset windows login password using it.

  1. Turn on your PC and Insert password reset disk (or USB).
  1. Enter your login password. If password is incorrect then you will see message 'Username or Password is Incorrect'. Click 'OK'

  1. In the login screen click 'Reset Password' (below password box). It will start 'Password Reset Wizard', Click “Next” 

  1. Select your password reset disk drive (floppy, CD ROM or USB etc) and Click ‘Next’.

  1. After clicking next it will ask you to enter new password (you can also add password hint).

  1. Click 'Next' -> 'Finish'.

Now you can login into your Windows account with new password.

It is really important to create password reset disk in advance (before you lose password) so that you do not face any difficulty when you forget your windows password. If you lose password and do not have password recovery disk then you can try Windows password recovery software to reset windows password.

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